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JT’s Seafood Shacks

JT’s Seafood Shack in Palm Coast Florida has been around for many years now and is the oldest restaurant in the Palm Coast area. JTS Seafood Shack in Palm Coast has always served the best in fresh seafood and has a friendly staff that can accommodate the needs of every customer. This family-owned business is known for its seafood and is well known for its fresh local seafood. 

When you go to JTS Seafood Shack, there are many choices that you have available. They have a wide variety of different kinds of fish that you can choose from. They also have a wide range of other seafood that they have to offer. Some of the seafood that they do serve is fresh lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels, and clams. Another specialty that JTS Seafood Shack in Palm Coast offers is halibut. Their menu also includes grilled salmon, cod, shrimp, lobster, crab, tilapia, and mussels. If you do not want to eat fresh seafood, you can also order regular steaks or hamburgers from their menu.

If you have never had JTS Seafood Shack in Palm Coast Florida before, I suggest that you do so now. They have great food, great service, and great prices. They have the best shrimp and crab legs and lobster. The fresh fish and shrimp are cooked using the traditional method to ensure the best quality and taste possible. If you want to try some new things at a Palm Coast seafood restaurant, I suggest that you go here and try the different types of fish that they have. They have fresh Maine Lobster and shrimp and even have fresh Alaska Halibut. The price is very reasonable, and the service is great.

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If you are looking for a professional air conditioning repair services for your home AC unit issues, and you are in the Palm Coast area near JT’s Seafood Shack, stop by and see what they have to offer. It’s only 20 minutes away, just Head south on Florida A1A S toward 19th Rd. Turn left onto Cam Del Mar, then turn right onto Hammock Dunes Bridge. Hammock Dunes Bridge turns slightly right and becomes Palm Coast Pkwy NE. Pass by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on the right then turn left onto US-1 S. Turn right onto Enterprise Dr, then make a left in 75 ft. Your destination will be on the right at 1 Enterprise Dr, Bunnell, FL 32110.

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