Duct Repair and Installations - Palm Coast & St. Augustine

Ductwork Inspection and Installation

Our company offers a full A/C duct inspection to identify locations in need of repair, replacement and/or sanitization. Supply ducts, which distribute cool or warm air throughout your home, are thoroughly evaluated for damage such as crimps, blockages, torn ductwork and damaged duct insulation. These defects can decrease energy efficiency of your A/C system causing inflated energy bills and also allow for harmful bacteria to build up inside your supply ductwork and be distributed throughout the home. The return air ducts, which pulls the conditioned air within the home through an air filter are also inspected for defects which may lead to dirty/damaged coils, decreased energy efficiency and damage caused by restricted air flow and bacteria growth. In addition, we offer a full sanitizing cleanout of all ductwork to remove any harmful bacteria and unwanted odors. Keeping your A/C systems supply and return ductwork regularly maintained will ensure your system is operating efficiently and providing your home with clean air.

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