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Heil® SmartSense™ Technology

The Heil® QuietComfort® Deluxe variable-speed inverter air conditioner and heat pump with SmartSense™ Technology offer superior heating and cooling comfort. They quietly deliver high efficiency cooling and heating, superior humidity control, and even comfort levels—all in a smaller package. When they’re installed as part of a complete Observer® communicating system, your home will operate at optimal comfort levels no matter the temperature outside.

What Sets Heil  Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Apart?

Heil Authorized Dealer.

Expert AC Installation from the Best HVAC Contractor.



Heil  air conditioning and heat pump systems are designed for the highest durability and comfort. Customizing your combinations of system match up methods can be created  for the optimal combination of comfort, efficiency and economy.



Typical air conditioners and heat pumps can cause temperature swings because of their short air cycles that turn on and off in short spurts to adjust to your preferred temperature, much like a driver in stop-and-go traffic.


Inverter Technology


Inverter Products With SmartSense Technology

Our variable-speed inverter air conditioner and heat pump with SmartSense Technology work much like cruise control—they operate in longer cycles and make many small variations to work more efficiently and deliver continuous comfort.




The Heil QuietComfort Deluxe 19 air conditioner and QuietComfort Deluxe 18 heat pump are designed for our best energy-saving operation at a cost comparable to a two-stage unit, but can save you more money. Operating much like adaptive cruise control, SmartSense Technology makes many small variations to compressor and fan speed in order to work more efficiently and keep temperatures and humidity in your home steady. Increased savings from higher leaving temperatures in the cooler months and energy-wise dual fuel capability makes our inverter heat pump with SmartSense Technology a money-saver for any homeowner. And when installed as part of an Observer communicating system, both of these products will optimize to run at the most efficient level, saving you money.



Steady, Quiet Comfort


Whether it’s quiet summer days on the patio or fall evenings under the stars, your comfort will stay uninterrupted with Heil variable-speed inverter products. They run much quieter than traditional two-stage units so your time outside is peaceful. During warmer months, the air conditioner and heat pump run at lower, more efficient speeds the majority of the time, providing your home with superior humidity control and comfort. And during cooler months, the heat pump delivers higher leaving air temperatures for a steady, warming comfort.





The QuietComfort Deluxe 19 air conditioner and QuietComfort Deluxe 18 heat pump can be matched with a compatible indoor unit and work with most two-stage units. When installed as part of a complete Observer communicating system with the Observer Communicating Control with Wi-Fi®1 capability, your home will not only run at optimal levels, but you can also adjust your preferred home temperatures remotely. That means when you come home from vacation, you can change your home temperature from your remote device so that it will be at the perfect comfort level when you walk through the door.

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* Durable galvanized steel construction with baked-on paint finish for seasonal weather extremes.

* Fin Coils that are post-painted for protection which helps to maintain efficiency.

* Scroll compressor for proven efficiency and reliability.

* Compressor housed in a extra-thick shell for added durability and protection.

* Durable wire grille guard with a coated protection against corrosion.

* Intergrated contols which makes the change over from heating to cooling go smoothly with your heat